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We Speak Art & Gibberish...

We've had a "We Speak Art & Gibberish" sign in the store for years. I get more comments on that sign than anything else (Okay the life-size skeleton with the lightning zapped umbrella gets a lot of attention too). The point is, we do speak gibberish - Art Gibberish.

The language around art materials and techniques is sometimes a little obscure and it takes some creative bending of the words to get a point across. Our staff of artists have heard of every pronunciation of every paint, pigment or art term in the book and often incorporate it into their own vocabulary.

"Smush that 6B carbon into the cold pressed ridgedy paper with them tortillion thingy."

Whether you're a beginner trying to reignite that art flame that's been flickering since high school or a seasoned professional, Swinton's will get you the straight up goods. We pride ourselves on carrying only the absolute best of the best art materials and we stand behind every single product.

20 years of working hard and helping artists create. We have been at this a long time and each of us is eager to share our knowledge with you.

Drop by or drop us a line. Let's get our gibberish on...

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  • Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Swinton's Art Supply, Instruction & Framing is Alberta's largest privately owned art facility.
  • Over 10,000 art products
  • 5 full-time art studios used for art classes, workshops, demonstrations and special events.
  • Frames - featuring beautiful ready-made frames.
  • Art services - easel rentals, custom canvas stretching, paper cutting, art restorations and good old advice.

It is our pleasure to help you with all your artistic needs.


7160 Fisher Street S.E. 
Calgary, AB, Canada T2H 0W5

Travel & Accommodations Info

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7160 Fisher Street S.E.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2H 0W5

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