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Cobra Talens Water-Mixable Oils

Cobra Talens Water-Mixable Oils

Cobra Water Mixable Oils are artist-quality oil paints that offer the freedom to paint indoors or outdoors, in studios, at academies, or in your living room. Painting with Cobra is the same as painting with traditional oil paints — however, you can mix this paints with water and no solvents are required.

Cobra paints can be applied using traditional oil painting techniques with no visible changes during the drying process — colors, brushstrokes, and applied textures remain unchanged after the paint has dried. They work well with brushes, painting knives, rollers, sponges, and more.

Cobra's versatility of application allows them to be used for creating opaque and transparent layers, watercolor wash techniques, alla prima, and glazing techniques. The colors offer a uniform degree of sheen and uniform drying time across the range.

New from Royal Talens, the makers of popular paints like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Amsterdam: an exceptional line of water-mixable oil colors perfect for any painter! Cobra Oils are based on a modified, water-mixable oil binder, meaning that no harsh solvents, turpentine, or mineral spirits are necessary in the painting — or the clean-up — process. This makes for a much healthier painting environment, with no toxic and odorous fumes to inhale, and hence makes Cobra the ideal oil paint for use in classes, studios, outdoors, or even in your living room!

Cobra Water-Mixable Oil Colors are an artist grade paint, with a full line of 70 vibrant shades using only the highest quality pigments milled to an exceptional degree of fineness in a triple-roll mill. Half of the line is comprised of single pigments, making for clean and brilliant color mixes, and all Cobra paints have the highest degree of light fastness, ensuring your art will remain radiant for years to come! With minimal color shift or leveling as they dry, all your paint strokes will remain as bright and textured as when you first lay them down. Cobra colors can be used exactly like traditional oil paints: from glazing and alla prima techniques to layering and impasto, and a range of mediums and varnishes expand the possibilities! So don't worry anymore about using harsh turpentine or white spirits — try Cobra Water-Mixable Oils and see what just a little water can do to your oil paintings!

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