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Frame Repair

Frame Repair

Our restoration services give new life to antique picture frames. Antique picture frames frequently need cleaning, repair of broken pieces, conservation and restoration of original gilded surfaces; re-gilding and antiquing; joining and re-enforcing damaged corners.

It is important to replace old glass and discoloured mats before the artwork gets damaged. Old wood can stretch and bend and get woodworms, paper deteriorates and gets damaged by moisture and tears. Time and environmental toxins wear things down and it's important to review how an object was framed to make sure your artwork stays safe. We can help you make everything old look new again.

We know how to open an old frame whose insides have not been seen in 50 years. The ironmongery may well have rusted and must be discarded. Glass can often be salvaged, but we will make certain it is of good quality. Wobbly frames should be solidified and made strong again. We have the right glue and clams and knowhow on how to reinforce frames.

Old plasterwork becomes brittle as it ages. Small damaged sections can be fixed with modelling clay and large sections can be, with care, replaced by creating casts.

Old finishes can cause troubles too. Paint, polish, varnish and guilding sometimes need repair, but we understand that a great charm in an old frame is it's worn appearance. We clean these types of frames gently and take care not to ruin the aged beauty. We lift the loose dirt softly and with caution and clean the frame with as little interference with the original finish as possible to revive their old aesthetic.

Gilt frames are covered in gold, and they usually very ornate and exceptionally beautiful. Even with the utmost care, the gold sometimes becomes worn. If you have a gilt frame that needs repair, bring it to us and we will nurse it back to health. 

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