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Object Mounting

Object Mounting

Which mounting technique and which adhesive to use for each framing project takes years of experience to recognize. We know how to frame just about anything, because we've seen just about everything - artwork in various media, posters, photographs, three-dimensional objects, jerseys, diplomas, animal skins and even taxidermy. The key is in knowing what method and adhesive is best for the object being mounted.

We offer hot and cold mounting with various adhesives; Wet Mounting - attaching paper art onto mount boards; Vacumm Mounting; Pressure Sensitive Mounting; Dry Mounting; Papyrus mounting - hinge and tab method.

Example of Mounting a Photograph:

"To protect your photograph from bending or wrinkling, to prepare it for framing, or to keep it stiff while hanging on the wall, it is necessary to mount your photograph on a rigid backing. Mounting implies adhering a print to a back board. There are three main techniques: 1) the print is completely adhered to the board using the dry-mount process, 2) the print is held in place on the board with photo corners and 3) the print is held into place at points with hinge-mounts. If you choose to mount the photograph to a back board without a window mat, then the print should be attached in such a way that the adhesive does not show (for example, with dry-mount tissue or folded hinges.)

The dry-mount process remains a common method of adhering photographs to backing because it is inexpensive, easy, and elegant. The process uses heat activated adhesive tissue sandwiched between the photograph and a stiff backing board. A dry-mounted photograph can be bleed-mounted, that is, can extend to the board's edges or may rest within the spatial border of a larger board. This adhesive technique works well for fiber, RC, and digital prints, regardless of whether the photograph is to be matted or framed or to stand alone with the backing."

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