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Biography of Margaret Marie Holland

margaretholland-bioMargaret's love of painting has provided her with a visual means of communicating her passion for life. She is inspired to paint the beauty around her, using color, intense light and show to capture a moment. Her artistic self-expression has evolved through exploration and the refining of her of her repertoire of techniques under the tutelage of numerous instructors, both local and of international caliber.

Margaret's primary mediums are watercolor and pastel. Her diverse subjects are depicted through realism, complemented by her knowledge of light and shadow, texture, shape and contrast. Subjects include buildings, landscapes and horses to name a few.

Exhibitions and competitions have provided a variety of opportunities for her to critically examine her work within the broader artistic community and to more fully appreciate the work of her peers. These engagements enhance her continuing growth and knowledge, which, for her, is a life-long journey. In addition to being the recipient of numerous awards (listed below), a number of private and commercial collectors in Canada and the USA have acquired her art.

It is most gratifying for Margaret when people perceive the emotion and mood communicated through her work. Receiving such comments as "I can feel the warmth", "I experience the calm", "I can touch the coat", Margaret has realized success in sharing her vision with others.

Margaret enhances her understanding of the art world by increasing her knowledge. Studies have included Color Theory, The Business of Being an Artist, as well as, So You Want to be a Critic.

As an instructor, Margaret finds fulfillment teaching such basics as composition, colour, value and design. She is elated when her mentoring promotes a student's growth, and delights in sharing their experiences of "light bulb" moments: "Now I see", "I get it", "I did that".

Margaret Holland: artist, teacher, mentor and explorer of life's beauty through art.

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My passion is art. It's been an ever-evolving life journey of creating a moment with paint and capturing the beauty that surrounds me. It is truly living in the moment.

So far on my journey exploring what the world has to offer, I find I have returned to my roots - my love of animals and the West.

The primary mediums which most effectively translate my energy and enthusiasm are:

Watercolor, being very fluid, challenges my sense of control and timing to develop a successful painting. I love the unique merging of colors only watercolor can produce.

Pastel (Chalk) offers a multitude of textural elements. It can produce velvet blending of colors to create the softness of skin, the shine of an animal's coat, or the clearness of water. It also captures the roughness of bark peeling off a tree, the aging of building stones or the ruggedness of mountains.

I paint a diverse range of subjects - from buildings, landscapes, western scenes to horses and others in the animal kingdom.

In particular, painting horses has resurrected beautiful memories from my youth - being absorbed in their life, breathing in the heavenly scent of leather and saddle soap while grooming and caring for this magnificent animal. Watching a mare and colt running, carefree, living in the moment, is a true experience that leads to an understanding of the dynamics of their personalities. While painting, I can actually smell the animal and feel the strength and gentleness of its spirit. Utilizing knowledge of anatomy, shapes, muscle movement and by being "one with the horse" helps bring my equine paintings to life.

International travel has enriched my interpretation of landscapes and buildings. Being able to immerse myself in the history of the site, the aging stones and rich flora and fauna has broadened not only my knowledge, but enhanced the textural components of the subject. My emotions are expressed through the use of value and texture in each piece.

Capturing a moment in time, creating a mood, a memory and a rainbow of color fills my soul with tranquility and gratitude. The integration of my color palette, light and shadow, and diverse subject matter onto paper or canvas provides an opportunity for viewers to enjoy a life experience of their own in each painting.

I am sincerely thankful for the guidance of all who have helped me find my passion in life and for being given the opportunity to share it with you.

Watercolor Painting

2007 - 2nd place ribbon - "Protected"

2005 - 2nd place ribbon - "Meeting Street Inn"
2002 - 2nd place ribbon - "Back in the Saddle"
Best of Section Medallion
2004 - "Carolina Afternoon"

2004 - 1st place ribbon - "Carolina Afternoon"
2001 - 5th place ribbon - "Country Harvest"

2004 - 1st place ribbon - "Carolina Afternoon"
2001 - 1st place ribbon - "Country Harvest"
1999 - 2nd place ribbon - "Blacksmith Shop"

Watercolor Division
1998 - 4th place ribbon - "Teamwork"
1997 - 4th place ribbon - "Memories"

Watercolor Division
2000 - 1st place ribbon - "In Celebration of Women: Nellie McClung"
2000 - Cash Award - "In Celebration of Women: Nellie McClung"

2009 - Okotoks - The Station - Show and Sale
2009 - Swinton's Art Show and Sale
2009 - Art Central - Show and Sale
2008 - 2009 - Calgary Stampede Artist's Window - Show
2002 - 2008 - Interpretations Artists' Association - Show and Sale
2002 - 2004 - Rose Hip Gallery - Show and Sale
2002 - Rockyview Hospital - Show and Sale
1999 - 2007 - Calgary Stampede Creative Living and Arts - Show
1999 - 2003 - Calgary Sketch Club - Show and Sale
1999 - Kalidescope Art Association - Show and Sale
1997 - 1998 - Heritage Park Fall Fair - Show and Sale
1994 - 2003 - Art Lessons Unlimited: Semi Annual Art Show and Sale
1994 - Cochrane Summer Fair

Okotoks Show and Sale with "Nine plus a Cowboy" is at the Cultural Centre on Elizabeth Street from Sept 1- 30,2009. The wine reception is on Friday,Sept 4, 2009 from 7pm-9pm to meet the artists.
Art Central Show and Sale with "Melange" is on 7th Ave and Centre Street S. from July 1 - August 31, 2009.

Selling my work since 1995 to both private and commercial collectors. Commissioned pieces since 1994.

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