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Ronald Scotty Thompson

Ronald Scotty Thompson

Ronald Scotty Thompson is a one-of-a-kind student. He takes monthly classes with Paula Henchel and is the only guy in a gaggle 9 girls and he holds his own. He has been with Swinton's for a couple of years learning watercolours and I must say has really found his medium.

Here is Scotty to give you his bio...

My name is "Scotty", born Ronald "Scotty" Thompson, Born in on the east coast of Scotland in the beaming metropolis of Dundee is the fair morn of September 1933.

My first real association with art came in high school where I won the art medal from my school. Later I won a "safety first" poster competition for all schools in Dundee. Things were rolling merrily along as I had hoped to become a commercial artist. I tried getting a job with a local greeting card company but it never really panned out.

I ended up becoming a marine engineer which involved drilling in the arctic, about as far removed from freelance artist as one can get but eventually in 1957, it led me to Canada .

After numerous and varied career positions it was time to say goodbye to all that left brained techno work. I retired and gave into my longings to recapture my interest in fine art. Upon my own I achieved reasonable success. So reasonable I received a christmas gift of art classes at Swintons. I joined paulas classes in 2011 and have learned more than one ever thought would be possible. I have met many people and made many friends at Swintons and some are almost as talented as me. The future plan is to study other mediums but for now it's watercolour.

My favorite colour is blue, and my favorite artist of all time, though not a watercolourist, is Norman Rockwell.

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