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Arches Watercolour Paper Sheets

Arches Watercolour Paper


Big sheets: 140lb 26x40 & 40x60 300lb

Direct from the manufacturer 90lb, 140lb, 300lb, oversized sheets and blocks all at low prices.This month the 300lb Rough is on SPECIAL. Never tried Rough? YOU MUST!

The most widely recognized name in imported watercolor paper. These French mould made watercolor paper are 100% rag content, neutral pH, white with four deckle edges. 22" x 30".Arches Watercolor Paper, Natural White, Cold Press, 22x30 in. (56 x76 cm), 140 lb/300 gsm, 10 sheet pack

Centuries of Performance - Inspiring Creativity Since 1492, One of the World's Most Popular Watercolor Papers. The Arches mill in Lorraine, France has been producing the finest 100% cotton mould-made watercolor papers for over 500 years. Today, all of these professional grade, high quality papers are:

  • Environmentally friendly - recyclable and made from 100% cotton, a renewable resource
  • Acid free with a neutral Ph buffered surface
  • Cylinder mould made with deckle edges then air-dried and inspected by hand for a traditional hand-made look
  • Naturally colored with no optical brightness additives that can cause yellowing
  • Protected from mildew by an anti-microbial agent
  • strong and stable; tough enough to endure scrubbing, scratching and erasing yet still accept colors evenly
  • watermarked
  • Excellent surfaces for:
    • Watercolor
    • Acrylic
    • Gouache
    • Pencil
    • Embossing
    • Engraving
    • Foil Stamping
    • Die Cutting
16x20 140lb
22x30 90lb
22x30 140lb
22x30 300lb
22x30 400lb
25.75x40 260lb
40x60 1114lb
22x30 90lb
22x30 140lb
22x30 300lb
22x30 90lb
22x30 140lb
22x30 300lb
25.75x40 260lb

This Paper's Features

  • Cold Press Texture - not as deep as the Rough but has more texture than Hot Press. Gives character to brush strokes, washes and line work in paint, ink and pencil. Excellent surface for Alkyds, Pen and Ink, Airbrush and Iris Digital Ink Jet Printing,
  • Internal and surface sizing with natural gelatin - unique process provides optimal color absorption yet prevents pigments from reaching the paper's core; prevents bleeding and muddying of colors and allows repeated layering of washes.
  • Natural White - no optical additives so it won't yellow over time



Arches Bright White Watercolour Papers

Mould-made and acid-free, this 100% cotton rag paper is internally and externally tub sized with natural gelatin. Three surfaces are available. Two natural and two torn deckled edges. Naturally white - no optical brightners, neutral pH and buffered with calcium carbonate.

SHEETS SOLD INDIVIDUALLY or in a package of 25

  • Mould-made, rough texture with surface peaks and valleys
  • Naturally luminous without brightness additives - will not yellow over time
  • Delivers the durability and strength to stand up to scrubbing and erasing
  • Deckle edges and a watermark


22x30 140lb
22x30 300lb
22x30 140lb
22x30 300lb
22x30 140lb
22x30 300lb

Shopping Order InformationOrdering & Price Information:Payment Options

403-258-3500 or 1-877-860-3500 or

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