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Edgar Payne - Composition Of Outdoor Painting

Edgar Payne - Composition Of Outdoor Painting

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If you can only buy one book on composition of Outdoor Painting, this is the one. The original book, published in 1941, has seen several editions and goes in and out of print. Although Amazon often shows that it is out of print, call the publisher directly. They have plenty of brand new copies in the latest editions. The book, itself, is not large, only 6x9 or so. And it mostly consists of WORDS! But it is one of the most succinct books on composition I have ever read. Each paragraph, each sentence is packed with information and advice. There are some simple line drawings which help the viewer and provide the basics for compositional outlines. Also, the newer editions have some very fine color samples of Mr. Paynes work in the back of the book, as well as several addenda by his daughter. If you are an outdoor painter, you could read this book every day for the rest of your life and still find something new to think about or try.
Although this book is often hard to find, the wait is worth more than this space allows. This is the definitive book on composition by one of the world's foremost California Impressionists. All the elements of composition are here, and very well defined. Payne also throws in a lot of worthwhile positive motivation, and a few humorous anecdotes. This book will assist all plein air artists in ALL media to see what to look for both outdoors, and in the studio. For artists, this book is 5 star!
Written in 1941 by one of the great California impressionists, this text covers the principles guiding good composition, and composition forms. Also covers other landscape painting topics, such as color, repetition, rhythm, value, and a conclusion that reads more like a philosophical treatise on painting. Fantastic!


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