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Gamblin Oil Colors

Gamblin Oil Colours


150ml Tubes

Contemporary knowledge dedicated towards making of traditional materials. Beautiful, high quality, bright paint.


Since our founding, Gamblin Artists Colors has handcrafted luscious oil colors and contemporary mediums true to the working properties of traditional materials. We believe every painting deserves to stand the test of time and are proud to provide artists with safer, more permanent oil painting materials.
Our ongoing commitment to painters and Studio Safety has made us an industry leader. In collaboration with the National Gallery, we developed Gamvar, a revolutionary varnish that goes on water-clear, stays water-clear, and can be easily and safely removed at any time. Gamblin was also the first to develop Flake White Replacement, a color true to the properties of traditional Flake White - and completely free of lead. More recently, we introduced Neo Megilp, a contemporary version of a medium that was one of the Old Masters' best kept secrets.
Gamblin's dedication to today's oil painters extends beyond offering the finest possible materials. We believe in sharing our knowledge - broadly and through individual consultations. Robert Gamblin, America's premier colorman, has helped a generation of artists discover, select, and ultimately master the materials best suited to their artistic intent.


Robert Gamblin proudly presents Gamblin Radiant Colors: eight high-intensity tints - mixtures of pure colour and white - at Value 7 on the Munsell System evenly spaced around the colour wheel. Using the Radiant tints, painters can build traditional under paintings, then glaze for optical effects of light and shade - enabling painters of today to explore a technique of the past.

Note: Using tints (pure colour + white), painters can make the brightest paintings. Using shade [pure colour + black], painters can make deep, luminous paintings, accenting with white and tints. Using tone [pure colour + white + black], painters can build paintings by value of pure light tints and grey.

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