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Mellotex Brilliant White Paper

Mellotex Brilliant Smooth White Paper

I've been working on Mellotex (formerly Ivorex) for over 30 years and in that time I've never found an equal. MIKE SIBLEY

If you detest the texture of your paper interfering with what you are trying to depict, you'll love Mellotex. Mellotex is a double-sided plate-finish paper with virtually no detectable surface texture. It's tough! You can crisply indent Mellotex, and erase almost endlessly without destroying the surface. It's very smooth! Although very dark tones will need to be applied with some pressure, you can gently lay down light tone that will blend or layer to produce seamless skin tones and faultless skies.

  • BRILLIANT WHITE - extra brilliant white 250gsm (95lbs)
  • Size: 45 × 58 cm (17¾" × 23")
  • 18" × 12" sheets can be shipped flat on request
  • Price per sheet - only $4.95

Drawing from Line to Life by Mike Sibley

drawing from line life by mike sibleyWhen you purchase this book you receive one sheet mellotex paper for FREE!

If you're a graphite artist or an artist who wants to learn more about how to construct a drawing, a book like this is a jewel. This is the book I have been waiting for... a book where a life-long artist performs a magical brain-dump into a format where you can reference it your whole life. So, if you were on the fence about this book think about it this way: this book can help you perfect your craft for a lifetime and amounts to night out to a restaurant and a few drinks. Now ask yourself, which is going to stay with you after you wake up the next day? Rich Adams

Shopping Order InformationOrdering & Price Information:Payment Options

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