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Pebeo - 4artist Marker (oil based paint)

4Artist oil-based paint markers come in a variety of vibrant hues. The lightly-pigmented paint dries to a glossy and lightfast finish. Ideal for use on smooth and non-porous surfaces, these markers dry quickly and the paint can be reactivated, even after several weeks, to obtain gradients and shades.

These markers are specially formulated to combine the traditional properties of oil paint (can be diluted with solvents for glazing) with the convenience of a marker (can be used for the creation of overlays and precise details). Extremely versatile, they are perfect for mixed media applications.


  • Lightfast
  • Opaque
  • Oil-based
  • Indelible once dry
  • Bright colours
  • Glossy finish

Available in 4 widths: 2 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm and 15 mm

Cleaning: With odorless mineral spirits
Drying: Fast (5 to 15 minutes depending on the support’s porosity and thickness)


Artists now have a proper tool for both practical and technical painting.

The 4Artist Marker pen is the multi-technique oil-based "paint marker" by Pébéo that will revolutionize your approach to the marker pen and to traditional painting!

The range is available in 18 colours in a glossy, highly pigmented finish which offers this range an excellent lightfastness across the chart.

The 4 types of nib offer genuine versatility of use. They are ideal for applying on smooth and non-porous surfaces, they are quick-drying and the colour can be diluted even after several weeks to obtain shades, gradients and tones. As a result of the special way it is formed, it will bring you a completely different vision of the oil technique (glazes, turpentine dilutions) retaining the properties of a paint marker (accuracy of the lines, colour overlays).

The extremely versatile 4Artist Marker integrates perfectly with Mixed Media. In Vitrail paint, Prisme, Moon, Gédéo resin, acrylic, oil, ink: there are benefits to all combinations!

Amateurs and enthusiasts have found their new favourite tool to reveal their work...

Shopping Order InformationOrdering & Price Information:Payment Options

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