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Turpenoid Natural & Odourless

Turpenoid Natural & Odourless Solvent

Turpenoid Natural is a non-toxic, non-flammable brush cleaner, conditioner and paint thinner formulated from the natural essence of citrus products and other natural sources. Turpenoid Natural is a clear choice for oil painters with concerns for personal safety, health, and the environment. Not recommended for mixing in greater than a 50/50 ratio to colour.

Odorless Turpenoid is odorless, very volatile, thin, colorless, turpentine substitute, Turpenoid® has the same painting properties and drying time as turpentine but is free from the strong characteristic turpentine odor. Compatible with oil colors as a painting vehicle, either alone or in mediums. Turpenoid® is also excellent as a solvent or paint brush cleaner, and for use in removing paint spots from clothing.

  • This odorless formula should not aggravate allergies
  • Excellent paint thinner and an even better brush cleaner.

Here is a story about the usefulness of Turpenoid by one of our instructors, Erica Neumann...

erica_neumann_bearOne day a vandalism spree occurred down our back alley. A not so talented graffiti artist spewed mediocrity, racism and genitalia in black spray paint, on a truck, garage door and a cement wall. The mid-day sun glared down furiously at the now permanent, visual atrocities. Hesitantly I knocked on the door of the new neighbour, to let him know his white garage door had been ruined. Gently, I informed the business owner behind us that his only delivery truck, was now marred. Then, I removed all that graffiti with Turpenoid Natural, non-toxic, non flammable oil paint cleaner and brush conditioner. Just tap a bit on, let it sit for a bit and scrub off. Good as new!

My husband doesn't need to know about what happens with the wet paintings in his car, and neither does your other half! Sure it's called "Brush Conditioner", because "car upholstery restorer" is too obvious, and, oh I guess it also softens rock hard brushes if you soak them overnite and brush them out with a wire-brush. Why Doug sells this stuff is a mystery...once everyone knows about it's magical powers - brush sales will drop and Donna will be wiping his marker quotes off the walls with it...

Speaking of Doug's marker quotes, if he knew about the fantastical drawing abilities of the Faber/Castel Oil Pencils, he would be using them to write his inspirational messages. These pencils will write on ANYTHING. Most importantly, on OIL PAINTINGS! A must have!

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