Open Encaustic Studio

Studio Class with Sharon Lynn Williams

Encaustic Painting LEVEL 1 © Sharon Lynn Williams

Open Studio

  • Saturday August 26 • 10am-4pm


This STUDIO CLASS allows each artist to work on their own projects, with their own supplies, at liberty. Sharon will work with each artist individually in all areas of their paintings, from concept to completion, supplying instruction on the various encaustic techniques that are required to fulfill that vision.

Each artist will have THEIR OWN STATION with griddle and heat gun, an almost unheard of thing!

Class size is limited to 6 students, so there will be lots of time for one-on-one direction. STUDENTS MUST HAVE TAKEN AN 'INTRODUCTION TO ENCAUSTIC PAINTING' CLASS SOMEWHERE BEFORE REGISTERING FOR THIS CLASS.

sharon lynn williams instructorArt Instructor Bio - Sharon Lynn Williams

Sharon began painting oils ‘en plain air’ (in the fresh air) as she longed to escape the confines of her studio and connect once again with nature. She was totally surprised by the sense of wonder she felt, and the spontaneity and honesty the paintings revealed. Sharon loves the spiritual connection she makes while the wind is blowing through her hair and the sounds and smells fill out her senses. A great passion has since overtaken her and she tries to get out painting as often as her schedule and the weather permit. In her plain air work she tries to capture what interests her the most in a scene and put it into an compelling design; focusing on simplifying shapes and filling them with interesting colour. Sharon’s desire is that her paintings will transport the viewer into my pictorial world to connect with the majesty of Nature as she has done.

Sharon has also been happily exploring mixed water media for over 15 years, and her mantra is “What would happen if…” The excitement of working from chaos to order is invigorating and creates a dialogue between the work and the artist. Sharon enjoys working with bold colour, line and texture. Her work is informed by the landscapes that she paints en plain air in oil, her passion for gardening and love of the human figure. Sharon’s interpretations of the beauty around her, as well as her vivid imagination make for an eclectic and varied body of work.


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