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Sketchbooking 2018 - Practice and Skill

Learn the benefit of daily sketching.

Sketchbooking - Practice and Skill

Fun way to sharpen your skills:

  • Sunday March 25th
  • 9:30am-4pm


Build your art skills in a fun and portable way. Used for everything from project planning to nature and portrait studies to journalling a great trip. Sketchbooking can increase your art skills quickly. 

Sketchbook is a place for working out visual thinking for any idea or project that you are working on. Your sketchbook can also be a private space for personal exploration and practice.

lori-sketchbook-bridgeThere are as many ways to use sketchbooks as there are artists. While I often use mine to work out ideas, designs and details for larger projects, I also use them as journals, for recording travels, studies of landscape, architecture and people.

We will use various creative examples to inspire you and give you confidence to use your sketchbook as a playground of visual ideas, a place to let your muse take over, and a workhorse for developing drawing, painting, composition and collage skills.

This Sketchbooking workshop will give you the tools and the confidence you need to grow your creative practice. Adding this technique to your artistic skills will take your creativity to the next level.

The more you do this, the faster your skills grow. Use it for journalling, practicing observation, planning projects, and so much more. Keeping a sketchbook is a terrific tool for improving all of your artwork. This workshop will advance your artistic practice.

instructor lori lukasewichInstructor Bio: Lori Lukasewich is a professional fine artist and art instructor. She has been painting and exhibiting her work on a regular basis, in both commercial and public galleries consistently since 1984. She has a wide and varied background in many aspects of the applied arts from palaeontological restoration and movie and film properties to jewelry design and production.

Her first childrenʼs book, The Night Fire, which she both wrote and illustrated was published in 2001 by Stoddart Kids and was a recommended choice of the Canadian Childrenʼs Book Council. She has since illustrated 2 other childrenʼs books. Her painting Shimmering: Green & Violet was a finalist in the The Artist's Magazines Annual Art Competiton 2007 - Still Life category. Her work has been featured in Avenue Magazine. In Calgary her work is represented by Axis Contemporary Art.

Loriʼs priority as an instructor is to create the most exciting and beneficial situation for art learning for both her students and herself. Her teaching practice focuses primarily on the fundamentals of art making with serious encouragement and development for the authentic vision and voice of the individual artist.

Supply List:

  • 9x12 sketchbook (or smaller) - Mixed Media ones are great, they expand your possibilities.
  • HB pencil
  • Sharpener
  • White plastic eraser
  • Fine micron pen
  • 3 Prismacolour premier double ended markers - light, medium and dark grey.


  • Online Registration
  • In store: 7160 Fisher Street S.E. Calgary, AB
  • By Phone: (403) 258-3500
  • Email: info@swintonsart.com
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