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Still Life - Oil Painting Workshop

Paint a beautiful still life with Chris Jordan

Still Life - Oil Painting Workshop by Chris Jordan

Weekend Realism Workshop:

  • March 3 & 4
  • Time: 10am - 4pm

pre-drawn canvas included

Learn to paint a beautiful realistic still life alongside the popular art instructor Chris Jordan.

This Workshop focuses on traditional still life painting in oils. Multiple demonstrations will take place throughout the two-day period. Students will be introduced to concepts relating to lighting, composition, colour mixing, edge work and application of texture.

Students of all levels, beginner to advanced, will benefit from this workshop.

chris jordan - art instructorInstructor Bio

Chris Jordan is a well established Calgary artist known for his realistic oil paintings of remarkable quality

Chris Jordan was born in Calgary, AB. He attended the University of Calgary Fine Arts program, majoring in Painting. Drawn to portraying reality with technical and poetic verisimilitude, Chris continued his learning through studying under established artists, painting from life and analyzing works of the masters. He currently pursues his art career as a self-directed painter and an art teacher.

Over the course of his career, Chris has become well known for producing captivating paintings with astonishing resemblance of the subject, elegant design and refined use of color and texture. His portfolio spans portrait, landscape, still life and abstract paintings, underlining his distinct vision and proficiency in any subject matter. Every painting is executed with diligence and integrity of a truth-seeking, ambitious artist and leaves the studio as a commendable work of art. Owing to remarkable quality of his artwork, for over a decade Chris has been primarily fulfilling numerous portrait, landscape and still life commissions from Calgary’s eminent corporate and private collectors.

To further appreciate Chris’s artwork or contact him regarding commissions or art classes, please visit his website.

Chris also teaches Monthly Classes at Swinton's on Mondays, Wednesdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Supply List:

Artist grade oil paints:

  • Ivory Black
  • Titanium White
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Cadmium Red
  • Cadmium Orange
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  • Thalo Green
  • Transparent Red Iron Oxide


  • #2, #3, #4, #6 Artist grade flat bristle
  • #2 round synthetic detail

Additional Supplies:

  • Kneadable Eraser
  • Paper Towel
  • Pallet Knife
  • Walnut Alkyd Medium (M. Graham & Co.)


  • Online Registration
  • In store: 7160 Fisher Street S.E. Calgary, AB
  • By Phone: (403) 258-3500
  • Email: info@swintonsart.com

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