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Brian Batista

Brian holds a BFA with distinction from ACAD in 2001. He was the graduating years valedictorian and won the board of governors award for his major. While continuing his active studio practice, he moved on to work in media arts at the EMMEDIA Gallery and Production Society in 1999 and worked in varying degrees for the next 8 years, facilitating countless independent productions and festivals and teaching many courses and workshops. He co-founded (CUFF) the Calgary Underground Film Festival and continues to be an integral part of the Calgary arts community.

Brian teaches continues to animation as part of the Aboriginal Youth Animation Program at Quickdraw Animation Society and continues to teach animation at the Quickdraw Animation Society. He also teaches in extended Studies at Alberta College of Art and Design where he was recently selected as a recipients for a 25 year Alumni Award for his painting “Songs yet to be Sung”. Brian received an Alberta Foundation for the Arts grant for his animation “Snack Time’. He was a Calgary 2012 Artist in resident. He also received an A.i.R for the CAOS animation festival, at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and Interrarium for a residency at the Banff centre.

Brian exhibited in the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts show 7 by 7: Rising talents at the Stride Gallery in 2009. He had his first solo exhibit titled “Sacred Images” of Tibetan inspire Thanks at the Untitled Arts Society Gallery, June 2011. He showed his second solo exhibition “Divine Inspiration” at the Stride Gallery in 2012. He has shown with the city Windows to a View program and had two simultaneous showings at the Epcor Centre for performing arts window gallery space in from Jan. - April 2013. His work also travelled Alberta as part of the Alberta Society of Artists ASATREX program.

He showed his latest animation on the side of the Jubilee auditorium as part of the GIRAF festival line up. He showed at Images in Toronto, Melbourne International Animation Festival, more recently in London and St. Petersburg, Russia. Brian has won numerous awards and residencies including the best documentary and best of the fest at the 14th annual Regina International film festival.

He was awarded the 2014 ACAD alumni award. He has won ACAD Student Legacy Collection Scholarships more than once, the board of governors award for Sculpture, the ACAD Alumni 25th Anniversary Award, the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Experimental Film Bursary, the Don Ray Memorial Art Scholarship and the Adrienne Norris Memorial Bursary.

Brian currently makes art, lives and teaches in Calgary, Alberta. He offers animation courses at Quickdraw throughout the year. Samplers at Swinton’s Art supply and a variety of college courses with continuing education at the Alberta College of Art and Design. He will be teaching a daytime studio course at Swinton’s so sign up today.


“I am happy to announce that I recently received the ACAD Alumni Honour Award for my work in the Calgary Arts Community. I am so proud for the recognition from my peers and the ACAD Board of Governors. Thank you to all those involved who have believed in me over the years as well as the jury and those who nominated me and supported my nomination, my continual thanks and gratitude!”

Student Review:

I completed the Acrylic Sampler class, with Brian Batista, today. Best 3 hours I’ve spent at Swinton’s and I’ve spent some good times there, learning in classes and watching excellent demos. Although Brian’s favourite style of painting, is not mine, (I do want to paint horses and I think I might find freedom in painting abstract), Brian’s spirit, knowledge, the way he approaches a canvas and his teaching style, inspired me… I waited till retirement to start painting and I’ve found out I’m intimidated by a blank canvas and I’m afraid of making mistakes. I want to thank Brian for reinforcing a different perspective, giving me facts about the medium, about how to approach the canvas and how to embrace the “smile”. I believe this session will help me find my passion in painting, no matter how marketable it may be. Thanks Brian, you are a very good instructor and I recommend this sampler class to all beginners and those unfamiliar with acrylics.

Gail Kennedy

If you ‘d like to see some of his past work visit his website:

Learn about what he is currently doing on his blog:

Follow on twitter: @bunnytista

Or on Instagram: brianbunnybatista

Brian teaches the Sampler Workshops and Monthly Classes on Thursdays 1-4pm


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