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Paula Henchell

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Paula Henchell

Paula's favourite medium is watercolour but she enjoys working in oils as well as acrylics. Her representational style captures the magic of the moment. In September of 2008 Paula was a finalist for the art competition “Still Life and Florals”, published in the International Artist Magazine (Oct.2008).

Currently teaching:

  • Monday 1-4pm
  • Tuesday 1-4pm

Artist's Statement

Even at the young age of three I spent a lot of my time drawing and really loved it.  I always knew that I wanted to have a career in art.  When I finished school I applied and got accepted at art college in Croydon, England.  Somehow when I had finished my training the lure of travelling seemed to take over and before I knew it the last thing I ever did was paint.  Some twenty five years later I started to take art classes again and immediately the world of art opened up to me with all the excitement of painting and drawing and the satisfaction of accomplishment and I really had to wonder why I had left it for so long.  The incredible thing was that during those years when I no longer painted I must have still been mentally learning because when I finally did pick up a paint brush I had improved a thousand fold.
In the last three years I have gone from student to teacher and now paint in watercolour, oil and acrylic.  All the artistic friends and teachers that I have met along the way have really enriched my life and I think made me a better and a happier person.  I love to paint it creates an inner satisfaction and a certain calm that nothing else seems to give me. I prefer to paint in the solitude of my studio listening to classical music.  I paint mainly landscapes and especially enjoy painting scenes from my native country of England. I also really enjoy painting buildings and flowers.
I feel so fortunate to have art back in my life again and to have met the people that I have and all the wonderful students both young and old that I teach but I don’t want to stop here – there is a huge world of wonder and excitement waiting for me out there and I can’t wait to get started on that road.  Thank you to my family and friends and everyone who has helped me on this incredible journey.
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