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Robert was born in North Vancouver, B.C. in 1971, and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. He has been painting full time since 1989, and his career follows over 70 years of professional art in his family. His grandfather was Robert E. Wood and his father was Karl E. Wood - with whom he spent eight months training. This was followed by study with several other top artists, including Harold L. Lyon, and years of personal artistic exploration and development. Robert has been surrounded by art his entire life and took to it from his earliest years, when his grandfather called him "the little painter".

Adept at portraying a wide variety of subject matter, Robert enjoys painting them all... the mountains, canyons, lakes, rivers and forests of the Rocky Mountains, sunsets, old cabins and barns of the West, the Okanagan, and a variety of still-life and floral scenes. Whether capturing the heat of the desert sun near Osoyoos in July, or the cold of a -30 January morning in Alberta's Ghost River Valley, his paintings sing with color and always depict scenes he is dramatically inspired by.

The experience of painting is something which Robert believes should be shared, so he regularly conducts art workshops and demonstrations for other artists. Robert is pleased to note that two artists he has assisted in the fine art of oil painting are now showing their work professionally - David Ross, and Robert's brother, James Wood. Their paintings can be seen at the Gainsborough Galleries.

Robert also enjoys working on location, plein air painting, which helps his images achieve a sense of true light and life. Plein air painting is an exciting and challenging experience and Robert is always looking forward to the next opportunity to work outside. He extensively travels and explores his favourite regions of Alberta and British Columbia - these include the Kananaskis and Banff National Park regions of the Rockies, as well as the south Okanagan. As well as painting on site, Robert takes large numbers of photographs to use as reference material for his studio paintings. His visual library consists of some 50,000 slides and photographs which are always on hand to inspire future paintings.

Robert Wood's love of the Western Canadian landscape is a never-ending source of inspiration. His mission is to present the beauty, power and grandeur of this varied land as he sees it - in all its colour, contrast and glory - for the enjoyment of others.

Robert E. Wood has been exhibiting with Gainsborough Galleries since 1990.

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